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HanWagBlack_WhiteIn 2011, our agency turned two. That same year, Hanwag celebrated its 90th jubilee! That’s nearly a century of Alpine Experience making double-stitched boots. Hans Wagner opened his first workshop in the German town of Vierkirchen (which is still the home of Hanwag) in 1921. Since the first sale of one of Hans’ boots, through the 1936 Winter Olympics that featured his first ski boots, to the 1992 ‘Super Fly GTX,’ the world’s first (and considered by many, only) paragliding boot, and the 2006 opening of its state-of-the-art manufacturing and service complex is build in Vierkirchen, Hanwag has maintained an unparalleled tradition of craftsmanship.

Hanwag provides not only a tremendous product, but much to admire in its ethos. At NOHRTH, we aspire to that standard. Our youth and connection to the millennial consumer is complemented by over a decade of experience and proven track record of performance. In other words, like Hanwag, we’re a proven entity with our best years are ahead of us.