SERVICES – Outdoor And Lifestyle Sales Agency

What We Do

BRANDS: We build relationships with brands that are founded on a commitment to better understanding and servicing the lifestyle and outdoor products. Through those relationships we help tell the brand story through select retailers whose products best represent the lifestyles present in their communities. Each of our brands has a unique perspective, history and brand story. Our job is to help retailers understand the energy that each of these brands expends to bring the highest quality apparel, shoes, equipment and gear to the art of style and science of quality. From these relationships we then carry the message out to our West Coast Territories for the sole purpose of garnering market share through sales.

RETAILERS / PARTNERS: Our partnerships with retailers are the cornerstone of our business. It’s imperative that we source our retailers with products that tell an authentic story, are easily seen as the pinnacle of tried-and-true quality and fit that customers expect from premiere shops. Because we focus on brands with an unquestionable commitment to style, our retail relationships benefit from the singular voice that each of these iconic brands brings to the table. In other words, retail customers align with these brands because we ensure that the story of the brand resonates with the story of the customer. We commit time and energy in selecting products that are linked to tradition and quality so that retailers can sell to their customers with pride, authority and built-in authenticity.

LOOK-BOOKS AND TARGETED MARKETING ASSETS: Our in-house photography and marketing staff create marketing assets that are unique to individual brands that require local outreach. We offer these more focused marketing services as an extension of the brand’s broader appeal to bring more attention to products that are trending. Because this is a moving target we can localize these services to exploit sales trends in certain areas of the West Coast. Seasonal look-books are also beneficial because the West Coast has a unique climate. This climate can be displayed visually for retailers in this region to better align with their customer base.

Feel free to inquire about our OTHER SERVICES:

•Blogging / Website build-outs.
•Joint Sales Calls
•Sales Team Events
•Product Training Sessions
•Inside Sales
•Joint Marketing
•E-Commerce Site Evaluations and Reporting (SEO, Conversion Strategies and Content Marketing)