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West Coast Vibes

“Embracing an Active Lifestyle with Iconic Brands…”

*Lifestyle:* Sustainable Exploration
The West Coast’s diverse landscapes, from its serene beaches to its forested trails, call for gear that’s both durable and eco-friendly. Fjällräven, with its commitment to sustainability and functional design, is the perfect companion for those epic Pacific Northwest camping trips or coastal treks.

*Lifestyle:* Continuous Adventure
Whether it’s paddleboarding on the Pacific, mountain biking through the redwoods, or trail running in the Cascades, West Coasters are always on the move. HydraPak ensures that the spirit of adventure is never dampened by thirst, providing hydration solutions tailored for those on-the-go moments.

*Lifestyle:* Capturing Coastal Moments
As you venture from the beaches of SoCal to the cliffs of Big Sur and the rainforests of Oregon, there’s so much to capture. Field Notes resonates with those West Coasters who cherish jotting down memories, sketches, or poetry inspired by the pristine beauty around them.

*Lifestyle:* Rocky Shorelines to Mountain Peaks
The diverse terrains of the West Coast, from craggy coastlines to high-altitude peaks, demand precision and comfort. Hanwag, with its meticulous craftsmanship, supports those who navigate these terrains, ensuring every step is secure and enjoyable.

*Lifestyle:* Seaside Sips
From morning yoga sessions by the beach to evening picnics overlooking the Pacific, Puffin enhances each moment with a touch of style and functionality. As West Coasters cherish the outdoors, Puffin ensures that their drinkware matches the vibrant setting sun or the azure waves crashing ashore.

West Coast Style in Action

“NOHRTH: Where West Coast vibes and real action come together, making style about more than just the look.”

The West Coast, with its mesmerizing sunsets, rugged coastline, towering redwoods, and laid-back culture, offers a unique lifestyle that’s both active and relaxed. Let’s see how various brands effortlessly weave into the fabric of this distinctive West Coast spirit.

In the world of lifestyle and outdoor brands, NOHRTH stands distinctively tall on the West Coast. It’s not just a sales agency; it’s a testament to style elegantly merging with action, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

Founded by the dynamic duo Dana and Ernie Noh, NOHRTH was built with a discerning eye for design and a heart for community. Their vision was clear: to create an agency that would not only champion brands with impeccable style but also emphasize brands that play an active role in uplifting the communities they touch.

This is particularly evident in the brands they align with—brands that embody the West Coast’s unique blend of laid-back elegance and outdoor verve. It’s about more than just aesthetics; it’s about the ethos behind each product, the story woven into every fabric, and the positive impact it brings to its consumers and surroundings.

Dana captures the essence of their mission beautifully, stating, “We don’t just partner with brands; we align with style icons that continue to define and elevate the standards for both lifestyle and outdoor products. Our goal is to create a lasting narrative that emphasizes both style and substance, making a mark not just on the market, but on the world.”

In essence, NOHRTH isn’t merely about sales—it’s about showcasing the rich tapestry of West Coast style, while also ensuring that this style is rooted in action, purpose, and community.

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