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NOHRTH is the West Coast’s leading sales agency for lifestyle and outdoor brands. Dana and Ernie Noh founded the agency with a commitment to integrity, customer service and a singular focus on iconic brands that contribute to the communities they serve. As Dana puts it, “We strive to build genuine relationships with the iconic brands that continue to set the pace for lifestyle and outdoor products…”

Fjällräven, for instance, is a brand steeped in the rugged traditions that can only come from the mountains of Northern Sweden. They created apparel and equipment for those who ventured out to the harshest environments nature could offer. Their apparel was born in Sweden spread across Scandinavia and now the world. More importantly, Fjällräven is the most socially aware, sustainable, innovative, premium outdoor brand in the world. They created specific materials not only for performance, but for a sustainable lifestyle that is respectful of nature.

All the brands we represent created keystone products in their space out of an authentic culture that represents the core values of style and recreation. In the style department, BEARPAW is committed to bringing style and fashion to the masses with a commitment to quality that’s accessible to all.  The most robust hand-made hiking boot, Hanwag, was developed in Germany at the turn of the 20th century with a singular focus on craftsmanship.

And Beyond…

Beyond fashion and outdoor, we proudly carry Field Notes for those that track their adventures and gear for the ultimate road trip.  But we’re all about lifestyle, so let’s protect your stuff shall we.

In the spirit of ultimate protection we also carry Otterbox and SAXX for all your gear big and small. Outdoor gear is the ultimate way to travel ruggedly. SAXX underwear is the ultimate way to travel comfortably.

These brands materialized from an authentic tradition of fashion, style and outdoor life. Here at NOHRTH we share the same ethos – to live and breath our core values through our business relationships. We’ve made the commitment to bring you the most iconic products available, offering our retailers an authoritative experience that they can then share with their communities.

We the products we carry as a family of brands, linked together by a common purpose. To all our retailers we say thank you for you continued support:

and SAXX…

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