Leading West Coast Sales For Active Lifestyle And Outdoor Brands

Leading West Coast Sales For Active Lifestyle And Outdoor Brands

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BEARPAW, Fjallraven, Field Notes, BRUNTON, PRIMUS , Hanwag and Layback

Dana and Ernie Noh founded the agency with a commitment to iconic brands that contribute to the communities they serve. As Dana puts it, “We strive to bring iconic brands who’s brand story is backed by genuine history…”

Fjällräven is a brand steeped in the rugged traditions from Northern Sweden. Their apparel is uniquely rugged and stylish with an impressive history of making their own materials… Read more




When you think OtterBox what comes to mind? A rugged and beautifully crafted case for your electronic accessories right? Well it may interest you to know that they also make rugged and beautifully crafted outdoor and travel products as well.

OtterBox has a unique look and a rugged personality that naturally lends itself the the thing we promote most – an active outdoor lifestyle. Now you can enjoy the quality and strength of OtterBox products on your next road trip.

On top of all that, OtterBox runs a foundation that is committed to Inspiring Kids to Change the World:

We Grow to Give

“OtterBox began like many start-ups – built on a dream, created out of a garage. Starting with something as simple as a box, OtterBox was created in 1998 and built upon the fundamentals of hard work, risk taking and listening to our consumers. It’s through our commitment to innovation that we’ve become what we are today.

We imagine, design and build extraordinary products that enhance life on the go and protect what matters most. They allow people to enjoy extraordinary moments and everyday ones too — without worry. Always ready for action, OtterBox inspires people to do all that they do with a dash of daring.

As a company, we strive to do all that we can to make a lasting change. Our mission statement is, ‘We Grow to Give.’ From time to treasure to talent, we give of ourselves through the OtterCares Foundation, which is committed to Inspiring Kids to Change the World.”

We stand behind OtterBox because of their commitment to making this world a better place. It’s icing on the cake that we can take their rugged products on road trips to protect our gear (and food).

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Rumpl is a brand that totally gets the outdoor and active lifestyle that we so cherish. It’s a simple concept really, make a comfy blanket that you can take on any trip, but make sure it’s durable and capable. Rumpl blankets use technical materials for the active lifestyle with a laser focus on comfort. We’re proud to carry products that we as a family are able to use ourselves. We can attest to Rumpls commitment to quality and performance. On any road trip, you can count on Rumpl’s soft delicate comfort, yet sense that its durability is baked in.

Rumpl is a modern brand with modern concerns. They began as a product on Kickstarter in 2014, so you can rest assured they have the backing of a feverish fan base. After blowing up on crowd-sourcing, they’ve built  brand with a bigger idea in mind:

“RUMPL IS BORN – Around the time our first Kickstarter was taking off, we realized that we had stumbled upon a much bigger idea than a single product. Despite centuries of textile development in the apparel and fashion industries, relatively few of these innovations have been applied to the everyday blanket.

We think it’s time to change that.”

Rumpl certainly increases the fun factor on any trip, but more importantly it improves the quality of life for anyone living an active lifestyle. Take one on your next road trip…

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Rumple Blankets




As we seek out new brands, we always ask ourselves, “What story draws our retailers together?”. The answer, active lifestyle products that improve the quality of life. Yes, that may seem subjective at first, but as we delve deeper into this question a few things stand out. The first is comfort. If you’re an active person, you’ll most likely put pressure on your apparel – more than most people do.

This stress tests the very nature of apparel design. Some apparel is designed to look great, while others are designed to stand the test of time. SAXX does both. Underwear is what’s closest to your body, so it must be comfortable. SAXX goes a step further, by also adding features that increase the quality of the active lifestyle for men.

In 2006, Trent Kitsch asked himself, “…why can’t men’s underwear be better?” Here’s how the story goes according to SAXX:

“After spending hours on a fishing expedition in a clammy ocean suit, he wondered if there was a way to fend off the uncomfortable effects of chafing and friction down south.The answer was SAXX. Simply put, this is underwear designed differently. Our patented technologies move with you and deliver revolutionary comfort every step of the way. Just like our founder questioned the status quo of the underwear industry, we believe in challenging the world around us to be better. Our underwear was designed to support guys in doing just that.”

All the brands NOHRTH represents figured out a way to improve an active person’s quality of life through innovative design and a trusted pursuit of quality. We are honored to represent SAXX and it’s story of comfort and unique design. If you’re interested in a SAXX Catalog, please contact us.




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Freedom to explore guaranteed

Steeped in Swedish engineering, Primus has been globally recognized for pioneering outdoor cooking since 1892. Since then our innovative products have made countless expeditions possible through outstanding quality and performance: a Primus stove accompanied Roald Amundsen when he was the first person to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay used a Primus on Mount Everest when they climbed the summit on 29 May 1953.

However, these are just the most popular amongst several pioneering adventures that relied on Primus in the past. Until today, our search for improved technologies and smart solutions for the most adventures has never stopped.

Our passion for the outdoors and technical expertise is the secret behind every one of these innovations. It’s also the reason we hand test every stove before it leaves our state of the art European production facility in Estonia. Our goal is to ensure each and everyone becomes a truly reliable, life-long companion.

This approach is not limited to products for those who climb the highest mountains, enter hostile Polar regions and discover the most remote areas you can imagine. Our innovations also come into play for your everyday stove, lantern or accessories. We want you to enjoy your time outdoors. No matter where you are, no matter what you do!



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In 1894, D.W. BRUNTON, a Canadian-born geologist and mining engineer, commissioned a skilled watch repairman out of Denver, Colorado to manufacture his invention—the Pocket Transit Compass. This precision instrument is world renowned for it’s quality and ruggedness.  We are proud to offer products from this premiere outdoor lifestyle brand.

Often simply called a “Brunton”, the Brunton Transit compass remains the Gold Standard in all outdoor activities. This compass is used in engineering and by other professionals who demand functionality, craftsmanship and durability.

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