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NOHRTH is the West Coast’s leading sales agency for footwear and apparel brands. Dana and Ernie Noh founded this sales agency with a commitment to integrity, loyalty and customer service. As Dana puts it, “These are the three core values we rely on to ensure our brands and retailers build their relationships with a strong foundation – a reliable friendship…”

Since 2004 Dana worked with challenger and established brands, building long lasting friendships along the way. “She’s the one you call if your store needs a little something special…” says Isack Fadlon from Sportie LA. Ernie joined Dana in 2009, bringing with him his experience as a Sales and Marketing Executive. With a strong sales and marketing background they launched their multi-brand agency now known as NOHRTH. Their commitment to building strong relationships lead to an unbridled trust among the brands they represent and the retailers they service.  Retailers and brands benefit by NOHRTH’s strong connection to the products they endorse. “Fashion is nothing without a connection to the culture of the brand and its placement with our retailers…” Ernie points out. “…we do not rep brands that are not our friends…”

If you are interested in opening top tier brands like BEARPAW, Fjallraven or Field Notes, please feel free to  contact us directly – CLICK HERE. We can help you with the application process and put in a good word if need be. NOHRTH also proudly represents up-and-coming brands as a commitment to its retailers to stay abreast of trends and relevant products.

In 2015, the agency added new members to its team for the sole purpose of enhancing client management services and marketing.  NOHRTH’s in-house team is committed to working with retailers to enhance or create online sales. “Our e-commerce marketing services benefit retailers and brands because an increase in online traffic always leads to an increase in sales…” declares Dana Noh.

Web services are available for Brick and mortar retailers seeking to expand or create a web presence and build new sales channels. Check out our latest  E-commerce projects: