NOHRTH is proud to be the West Coast rep for Palladium, a storied brand whose history – and thirst for innovation – makes it a perfect fit for our agency.

1.3-WaterproofLookbookThe story of the first canvas combat boot begins in 1920 with aircraft tires. That’s what Palladium manufactured in those days to support the needs of the growing aviation industry. Layering canvas bands under vulcanized rubber tires, Palladium introduced a next-level technology that made the brand the largest aircraft tire supplier in Europe. By 1947, with WWII over and aviation demands receding, Palladium turned its expertise to boots. They were so comfortable and durable that they were adopted by the legendary French Foreign Legion. In the 1960s, Palladium became widely adopted by explorers in Europe as the footwear of choice for extreme conditions. French volcanologist and geologist Haroun Tazieff even wore them throughout his volcanic expeditions!

A brand as stylish as it is sturdy, Palladium enjoyed popularity in 1990, when it was embraced by the grunge and rave scenes. The iconic Pampa boot becomes a fashionable look on a global scale. Palladium sold over one million pairs of boots that year.

Our team has personally been wearing Palladium since it re-launched in 2009 with updated construction techniques – and the artistic flair – to provide years of comfort and durability for today’s City Explorers.