Rumpl is a brand that totally gets the outdoor and active lifestyle that we so cherish. It’s a simple concept really, make a comfy blanket that you can take on any trip, but make sure it’s durable and capable. Rumpl blankets use technical materials for the active lifestyle with a laser focus on comfort. We’re proud to carry products that we as a family are able to use ourselves. We can attest to Rumpls commitment to quality and performance. On any road trip, you can count on Rumpl’s soft delicate comfort, yet sense that its durability is baked in.

Rumpl is a modern brand with modern concerns. They began as a product on Kickstarter in 2014, so you can rest assured they have the backing of a feverish fan base. After blowing up on crowd-sourcing, they’ve built  brand with a bigger idea in mind:

“RUMPL IS BORN – Around the time our first Kickstarter was taking off, we realized that we had stumbled upon a much bigger idea than a single product. Despite centuries of textile development in the apparel and fashion industries, relatively few of these innovations have been applied to the everyday blanket.

We think it’s time to change that.”

Rumpl certainly increases the fun factor on any trip, but more importantly it improves the quality of life for anyone living an active lifestyle. Take one on your next road trip…

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Rumple Blankets